Providing the best possible care for your family, like you were our family.

Providing the best possible care for your family, like you were our family.

Providing the best possible care for your family, like you were our family.Providing the best possible care for your family, like you were our family.Providing the best possible care for your family, like you were our family.

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Ready, Set, Refresh!

How Physical Therapy can help you reach your 2020 fitness goals.

When the calendar year comes to a close, we often find ourselves physically and mentally depleted from the holidays and the end-of-the-year rush. It's no wonder that three of the most common self-improvement resolutions uttered as the clock strikes midnight are: eat more healthily, lose weight, and commit to a regular exercise program. 

January is a great time to press the restart button and revisit our ongoing quest to become better versions of ourselves, and not just because the longstanding New Year's Eve tradition tells us to. Each year, however, Americans struggle to turn the goals they've set out for themselves into long-term change. In fact, according to Statistic Brain Research Institute, of the 41% of Americans who make resolutions each year, 9.2% actually achieve their objectives. 

When it comes to committing to a regular exercise program, don't become a statistic! For those looking to make exercise a regular habit, enlisting help in achieving your goals is one way to ensure success. You might consider recruiting an exercise buddy (to make you more accountable), using a calendar app to schedule workouts (to dedicate time in your day), or consulting a healthcare professional (to supervise your program and keep you safe). 

Physical Therapy is a great resource for those interested in beginning a new exercise program or overcoming a nagging injury. Rehab professionals are trained to assess limitations and dysfunction, teach proper body mechanics and prevent--and treat-- injuries. Your physical therapist will ask about any issues you're encountering, evaluate your functional abilities, gather a thorough medical history and discuss your fitness and activity goals. 

One rule of thumb is to start slow--particularly if you're trying a new form of exercise or haven't been active for some time. And once you start to form the habit of regular activity, mix it up by engaging in multiple activities rather than focusing on one. Many lingering injuries occur because of overuse or repetitive stress, most often at the hands of participating in one activity--such as running or biking--exclusively. 

If you're experiencing pain, inflammation, or weakness, make an appointment to be evaluated by a physical therapist. The movement specialist will assess and identify the cause of the nagging injury and teach you how to modify your behavior to distribute stress to different parts of the body and reduce the repetitive nature of your movement patterns. 

But that doesn't necessarily mean putting your resolution to exercise regularly on hold. Your PT can work with you to identify an appropriate fitness program, including the safest frequency, intensity, and duration of each workout session. The best part? There will be no excuses because you will have all the tools you need to make this your most fit year yet. 


At Let's Get Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves on a welcoming environment for our clients. 

Our Services


Orthopedic Service

From the total knee or hip replacement to the patient with lower back pain, we work to identify your strengths and weaknesses and regain mobility and strength. 


Women's and Children's Services

We are able to treat babies down to 2 weeks old and for a variety of diagnoses neurological as in CP or orthopedic as in torticollis. We also treat mom's prenatal through postpartum. We are able to treat incontinence and pelvic pain as well. We work with your pediatrician or OB/GYN to build the best treatment plan for you or your child. 


Falls Reduction and Balance Restoration

We will work to identify your gait disturbances and balance deficits. We will work to build your strength and restore your gait. We also work with devices and can instruct you and your family in the most appropriate options for you.  

It is our Pleasure to Accept the following Insurances:


Medicare Part B, Medicaid, CareSource

All Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans, including Theramtrix Plans

The only exception would be a plan that is held by a hospital employee that requires that employee or their family to attend appointments at the hospital for which they work. 

All Medical Mutual Plans, including Theramatrix Plans

The only exception would be a plan held by a hospital employee that requires that employee or family member to attend their sessions at the hospital for which they work.

Aetna, including Medicare Plans, Cigna, and more

Bureau of Worker's Compensation, many self insured worker's compensation plans




Outcome Questionnaire

Many of our insurance companies require beginning and ending outcome information for your progress. Once we know why you are coming in to see us, we can email you the correct form to fill out in advance and bring out a printed copy. 

Cancellation Policy

We ask that you give us 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment. Please call us at 440-937-5210 to change or cancel your appointment.

Billing Agreement

We will call your insurance company as a courtesy. It is your responsibility to understand your benefits. We will assist in explaining and discussing if needed. We require payment for all Co-pays, Deductibles, and Co-Insurance. A Co-pay is a set amount each visit (ie. $20/visit). A Co-Insurance is a percentage of the adjusted amount after your insurance rates it down to reasonable and customary (ie. 20% if the insurance company pays 80%). And lastly a deductible, which is the amount which you must pay each year before the plan kicks in at a higher rate. Deductibles range significantly these days from $250 to $5000 per person. There may also be an out of pocket maximum. This would be an amount that will also increase your coverage.

Medical Survey

Before you arrive we ask for you to fill out a questionnaire that will list your medical history and medications as well as give us your basic registration information. You can print it out and bring it with you the first day. 

Privacy Policy

Let's Get Physical Therapy will keep all of your information private. We do not take payments online and do not save or hold credit card information. All Medical Records are private and information is shared only to your doctor and insurance company as needed to pay your bill.


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